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Redmi Note 3 Back Panel Replacement

100% Brand New Original Quality

Each Item is inspected before Ship

It is used to replace faulty back panel

OEM material and excellent durability

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Are your hands always slippery and your Redmi Note 3 got out of your hands and fell. Your smart phone got damaged in a bad way and became useless. Don’t worry anymore. Easily replace it with our new Redmi Note 3 panel housing.

If the back housing of your Phone is damaged, then don’t worry it can be replaced. Sometimes its known as the rear housing assembly or the rear case. If you don’t use a phone case, then this rear housing can become scratched quite quickly. If your Redmi Note 3 back housing is badly scratched or has become badly damaged then it’s not the end for your Phone.

In this world, the mobile phone becomes a part of every people. They need a mobile phone for every minute activities. We access the mobile every minute, so we happen to drop them by mistake or it gets scratched, broken, fractured or marked by regular users. Redmi Note 3 is a well made, such drops and accidents not cause any harm to the internal hardware of this mobile. But when you need to change the housing, you can easily change the body of the mobile by purchasing full body housing and making the phone look same as new and fresh.


There is a number of new replacements in housing cover replacement for Redmi Note 3 at an incredible price. Redmi Note 3 back panel housing is done by following factors.

High-quality material and excellent durability.

High-quality OEM product, perfect replacement for the existing housing and it make the phone with a new look.

Replace your scratched, old, broken housing body cover with a new one. This replacing is done by a well-qualified person with care.

This type of housing offer dependable protection of the mobile phone from daily wear and tear, So it can ensure the long life of the cell phone.


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6 Month
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Redmi Note 3 Back Panel Replacement
Redmi Note 3
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Redmi Note 3 Back Panel Replacement
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Hassle Free 7 Days Refund Policy


Secured - recognised By Startup India


More than 1 Million Orders Delivered