Qy7 Jogger Earphones & Sports Armband Waterproof Case Cover Holder - Sweat Proof & Secure

  • PureSound In-ear white noise and listener fatigue reduction. Eliminates the white noise and delivers a clean audio experience offering hours of pure enjoyment.
  • Sweat-proof, durable design, Onscreen Battery Meter, Up to 5 hours of Talk/Playing Time and 145 hours Standby Time.
  • High-fidelity stereo music and clear speech, You can begin enjoying CD quality stereo sound instantly
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Sports Running And Jogging Gym Exercise Running Armband Case Cover Holder compatible with all iPhones and smartphones 100% Brand new and high-quality premium Brand British designed and made with heavy duty stitching.

  • Chip: CSR 8645 V4.1 Breakthrough exclusive technology doubles Awstro QCY QY7 playtime to a solid 5 hours, offering a full week of workouts, or a full day of listening.
  • SignalPlus for skip-free music outdoors. Use your music device left/right side, above/below the waist, doesn't matter with SignalPlus.

Awstro Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset 
Superior music, soothing experience

The brand of Awstro is known for its innovative music devices that optimize your audio experience and allow you to enjoy high-quality music. The Awstro Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset is another addition to this effective range of music devices from the brand. Designed especially to create a soothing sound experience for your ears, this wireless headset produces clear and detailed sound and makes your favorite music tracks even better. This headphone reduces background noise and generates clean sound through its innovative technology.

PureSound In-ear feature for a clean audio experience

The Awstro Mini Lightweight Wireless Sports Headset is armed with the feature of 'PureSound In-ear' which reduces listener fatigue and generates clear sound every single time. This feature eliminates white noise and enhances the sound quality by generating clean sound. Moreover, the clear speech feature further enhances the quality of this appliance and allows you to speak clearly.

Better signal quality and High-fidelity stereo music

The Awstro Qy7 Wireless Sports Headset is equipped with the SignalPlus feature that gives better signal quality. Hence, your music device is always connected to the headphones and the chances of losing connectivity are minimized as well. With the SignalPlus feature, you can keep your music device wherever you want like left/right side, above/below the waist. The feature of 'High-fidelity stereo music' is vital when it comes to experiencing CD quality stereo sound instantly. With this feature, you can listen to all sound beats and details effectively.

Sweat-proof, durable design and longer battery life

The distinctive design of this pair of sports headphones reduces friction and hence is sweat-proof. This is what makes it ideal to be used during workout sessions or any other physical activity. Therefore, you get to listen to your favorite songs for hours without facing any discomfort. This Awstro Qy7 Wireless Sports Headset is made up of high-quality material and hence is durable in nature. This high-quality material ensures that the pair of headphones is not as fragile as many other headsets in the market. It is armed with a powerful battery that boosts its battery life and allows you to enjoy music for a longer time. This battery provides up to 5 hours of talk/playing time and 145 hours of standby time.

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Qy7 Jogger Earphones & Sports Armband Waterproof Case Cover Holder - Sweat Proof & Secure
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