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Self Stirring Mug Automatic Self Stirring with Airtight Silicone Seal

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  • ENJOY THE SMARTEST SELF STIRRING MUG - Powered by 2 AAA batteries. With one push, it will simply stir the content smoothly by itself. No worry of spilling and making a mess.
  • BIGGER CAPACITY THAN ANY OTHER MUG - With bigger capacity to quench your thirst. It holds 13-16 oz of your drink, almost a half bigger than any other mug. More is always better.
  • SUPER DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL AND AIRTIGHT SEAL - Made by silicone seal and premium stainless steel. Secure your mug tightly to preserve the heat and coldness. No more breaking mug!
  • EFFORTLESS TO USE WITH SWITCH BUTTON AND COMFY HANDLE - It has switch button on the top, firm and comfy grip, and also small hole to help you drink with it. Easy to turn on and reach by your thumb!

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GET IT FAST - Works perfectly for any kind of beverage, be it coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, and many more

Smart Self Stir Mug (TM) 

Coffee Stir Mug 
The fastest, easiest way to make a drink! 

No more stir by opening the lid and letting all the hot air out. No need to reheat and it lasted for hours! 

Why use Smart Self Stir Mug (TM)? 
Smart stiring your coffee and hot cocoa in a minute 
Easy to hold, balance, clean and use 
Good capacity and design 
No more electricity, portable with battery 

Modern and Smart – Guaranteed! 
Smart Self Stir Mug (TM) is powered by 2 AAA batteries and has perfect stirring speed: not too slow and not too fast. Different than other product, the mug can hold larger capacity, up to 13-16 oz! Mix drink easier, instant and better than spoon 
We put the switch button exactly at the top of the hold, so it’s easy to turn on and reach by your thumb. The handle itself is comfy to grip, even for those with large hands! Moreover, it has black color with smooth texture and metal outer ring for absolute modern look and catchy writing on the front. 
Most importantly, it comes with airtight lid to prevent the contents from spilling and also to preserve the temperature of your drink. Plus, the premium food grade stainless steel construction will not easily break or dented by simple collision. Designed to work great on-the-go! 

What are you waiting for? Get it now while stock lasts! 
No effect and not fit for your coffee culture? just return it and get your full cash back! 

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Material: Stainless Steel 304 
Color: Black 
Capacity: 13-16 oz 
Dimension: 3.4 x 5.11 inch