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Apple iPhone 5s Mobile Battery - 1570mah

For: Apple Apple iPhone 5S Genuine 1570 mAh

1570 mAh Capacity

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Top Quality Replacement Battery for Apple iPhone 5s.

Replace your old, damaged, swollen, low backup batteries.

Increase your Apple iPhone 5s uptime & life with this Maxbhi replacement battery.

Stable performance, with high backup time. Fast charge v2.0 technology

Quality tested before shipping (QC done).

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Looking for a replacement battery for your Apple iPhone 5s? Battery for Apple iPhone 5s is the perfect high-quality replacement battery specially designed for your handset to solve the problems of quick battery drainage, low backup time, or even extend the usage time by keeping an extra stand-by battery with you.

Apple iPhone 5s is a great phone with great features, but low battery backup time can be really annoying when in need. Buy our high-quality battery pack & replace it with your existing damaged / low backup battery & unleash the full performance and maximum up-time of your handset.

This battery is a standard & similar battery that is used for the Apple iPhone 5s, so you need not be worried that the new battery would damage your expensive phone in any way. The battery has been specifically designed for your Apple iPhone 5s and comes with performance even better than the original battery that was shipped to you with the phone at first.

The battery uses a Lithium-ion core which maximizes life. Also, one of the major features of the battery is that is it ultra-thin and lightweight in design, therefore making the battery easy to carry around with your phone in your pocket. This way, if you are using this battery as a substitute for emergency times when you just need to keep your phone up and running, Battery for the Apple iPhone 5s - can be a good companion. Once fully charged, you can keep it in your laptop bag or even your side pocket. Next time you are traveling or move to places that are off-grid, you will have the peace of mind that your phone will at least keep running as you have a spare battery in your pocket.



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Apple iPhone 5s Mobile Battery - 1570mah
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