Simplex 222 Tripod

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Whether it a close up, wide angle or a normal shot, a tripod is a very useful tool that helps you adapt to those tricky angles and corners effortlessly. The Simpex 222 tripod accommodates your camera to give you stability and control during photography.

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Maximum operating height is 125 centimeters This tripod has a 3-way precision which has a separate, tilt and swivel movement The Simpex 333 has a quick release feature which allows you to take the camera off the tripod with a simple flick of a button The tripod has a maximum height of 1350mm when opened up and 520mm when folded. The tripod weighs 1040 grams and has a load capacity of 3000 grams.

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Simplex 222 Tripod
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Simpex 333 Tripod is made up of aluminium oval section and features a vertical leg lock. It has a folded length of 520 millimeters and comes with a 3-way panhead to aid to your photography skill. This sturdy tripod...



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